As always, it is our priority to keep you safe and healthy during your visit. 

Please read this carefully.


Before Your Session:

*After paying your retainer and signing your contract, you are officially booked!

*Should anyone get sick or show any symptoms the week of (within 7 days) your session, reschedule as soon as possible.  These symptoms are but not limited to:

Coughing, sneezing, sore throat, congestion, fever (anything over 99), achy feeling, stomach issues, diarrhea shortness of breath, or anything else.

*Rescheduling more than 48 hours out for any reason or the day prior for illness will keep your retainer intact and can be moved to a newly booked session.

*Plan to attend the session with just those being photographed.  Three people total, should attend, for any session, so that we can follow capacity regulations set forth by the health department.


On Session Day & Upon Arrival:

*Plan to attend the session with just those being photographed.  Three people total, should attend, for any session, so that we can follow capacity regulations set forth by the health department.  If you wish to have more than 3 people, you must call the studio and ask, so that we can check capacity totals. 

By entering into the studio, I agree that the following is true:

~No one attending the session has displayed ANY symptoms of ANY illness in the last 14 days.

~No one attending has been tested for Covid in the last 14 days with a positive test OR is waiting on the results of a covid test.

*Upon arrival, please come to the door and ring the bell.  We will come check temperatures before you enter.  

*Clients have the option to wear masks.  Staff will wear a mask when asked by clients and during all newborn sessions.  Should the client elect to not wear a mask but the client is coughing, we will ask that person wait in the car for the duration.  

*If the child(ren) has a runny nose, stuffy nose, or cough, the session will be stopped and retainer forfeited.  

*Anything over 99 will be considered a fever and the session will need to be rebooked.  Because no notice was given, your retainer will be forfeited and a new retainer will be collected to reschedule.  Please DO NOT take fever reducing medication prior to your session so that our findings are reliable.  

*We ask that parents wait on the couch during the session and not move about.  If there are more people that what seating allows for in the shooting area, others will be asked to wait in the lobby. 

*At any point, the studio can ask that clients leave and work will cease.  We have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.  If this occurs, a new retainer will be required to book a new date and complete the session.


After The Session:

*Up to three adults can attend the design session.  If children must attend, they should remain in carriers or be held.  Younger children are strongly discouraged from attending as all toys have been put away and they should remain on the couch during the design session.  Should your total number of people be more than 3, prior approval is required to ensure we stay under capacity guidelines implemented by the state.


I have read and understand all of the above and take responsibility for my own health and the health of my family.  I waive FACE Photography from any liability (see contract) should any one attending become ill in any capacity.  I will let the studio know, should anyone in my home become ill up to 14 days after my session has occurred.  I also promise that no one attending is ill or showing symptoms and the info provided is true and accurate.


By entering the studio, you are agreeing to these terms set forth in this posting.



*We will be sanitizing and cleaning/laundering as usual.  *The restroom will be cleaned throughout the day.  *Studio doors will remain locked from the outside to prevent walk ins.  *Contractors and employees will be screened for illness daily.  *Hand washing and sanitizing as well as removal of shoes will remain in place, as usual.  *Social Distancing will take place, when possible.