Current Covid Policy:

As the covid issues continue, we are making efforts to control what we can but also allow our clients to have influence in such policies.

9/10 Update - 

*Client will ring the bell upon arrival for a quick temperature check before entering the studio.

*Masks are NOT required at this point.  Each client will be asked on their pre session questionnaire, if they wish for the staff to wear masks during the session.  We do ask that if you ask us to wear them, that you and everyone in your party 2 and older wear them.  

*We are taking steps to ensure that our cleaning standards are of upmost priority.  This includes cleaning between clients, sanitizing commonly touched areas, laundering garments/wraps/etc after use, and removal of shoes when entering the shooting areas.  

*Employees are required to temp check every morning and sanitize often, throughout the day.

*Our full sick policy is strongly enforced and can be read within your contract.  If any illness is suspected, the session will immediately stop and all parties will leave.  Rescheduling fees will apply.  


A note from the owner

As for requiring our employees to be vaccinated

This seems to be a "hot topic" at this time.  I will say this on the topic and if you have issue with it, feel free to look elsewhere for your photography needs:

I have told each employee that it is their choice, to be vaccinated or not.  And as their employer, it is not my job or responsibility to ask them to do something to their bodies to keep their job.  

Some of us are vaccinated and some are not.  And it will continue to be their decision until the point that the trials, science and doctoral communities can all agree that the long term effects of this shot are completely safe.  

Should you have questions, please contact the studio directly by phone and ask for Jenna.

Thank you for your understanding!